Friday, July 9, 2010

NYT: 'Silent raids' sweep illegal workers from jobs - U.S. news - The New York Times -

NYT: 'Silent raids' sweep illegal workers from jobs - U.S. news - The New York Times -

It's so unusual to have a smart and moral person as the President. In my lifetime I haven't seen the like. We have had Presidents who have come from humble beginnings and have achieved greatness. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton certainly would come to mind. While both were brilliant they were duplicitous and ultimately their Presidencies suffered as did the nation. So we looked for persons who were humble and just like us or could pretend that they were President better than anyone finally culminating in last President who would've had trouble being a good Congressman. From Texas no less.

These silent raids of audits on employers of illegal aliens is just the latest example of the way this guy works. Quiet and smart. While the rest of the US politicians are in a stranglehold with one another and the pundits just sit on TV and analyze or I mean jack off, he is leading us to the promised land. But are we going to shut up our fucking mouths (and I'm talking to you liberals) or are we going to FUCKING HELP????!!!! It's bad enough that racists and other jack offs are going at him! Why are you doing the same??!!! And if you think your disgruntledness is more valid because you voted for him thing again.

Did you not remember who we had as our last President and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that...!!!! I sure as fuck do and I'm so fucking sick of hearing about the how GAY community is not getting everything they were promised and that jobs that are getting created aren't the right kind of jobs and the oil oh the oil in the gulf and all the other bullshit that everyone fixates on. Hell Nigeria has had the same problem that the Gulf is having for years. Their costal waters are as dead as the Dead Sea but no one is going to help them because WE can't give up our cars and our demand for all things petroleum!!! Even when it may cause the unwanted suffering of millions both here and abroad we can't be bothered. And Wayne LaPierre don't forget your fucking gun when you go this Sunday CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That gun in church nonsense begs the question, "WHAT THE FUCK WOULD JESUS DO???"

But I digress...

But before I get back on track let me just say this. I'm especially bothered by the GAY leadership of our nation right now. There has been so much change for the good that has happened in the last 18 months for our community and you're bitching about that its not fast enough. How much got done say in the last, oh I don't know, ten thousand years?!!! And Hey GAY PEOPLE we in the trans community, you remember us, are used to waiting like our whole fucking lives to be whole. With all due respect you tell people your gay and you got a lot of shit ahead of you but when we tell people we're trans we're just getting started!!!

I could list President Obama's accomplishments but the biggest one is he has started real change. Real change like Health Care and Financial Reform and getting out of these Wars and stopping DADT and on and on so GET OFF OBAMA'S BACK!!!! He's trying like hell to do the right thing now we got it FINISH it. We all need to be quiet and smart. And that goes for me. So I'll shut up now and put away the dishes and WALK to church on Sunday!!

Marie Fairman

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