Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just a Week!!!

This time next week I suspect that I will not be checking Facebook, Twitter or doing much of anything else.  Hopefully I will have had successful bladder surgery and will be sleeping.  That's right bladder surgery. Not what you want to share with everyone but hey it was going to come out in Wikileaks so I thought I'd get in front of it. 

It's not how imagined the Holiday Season even four months ago but living is always a surprise.  I should be fine I'm told but just in case there a just a few things I want to make certain I write down.

I don't if know if there has ever been a more blessed person than me.  I should be dead but I'm not.  That Joy, my spouse, is still in my life and we're still in love and still are making plans is a miracle. Our two adult children, Lesley having a smashing good time studying in Glasgow, Scotland and JD winging his way back from New York as I write this are simply the finest young people we know.  That is a major statement.  We know a lot of extraordinary young people.

We've had challenges over the last couple of years and sometimes it looked bleak but it always seems to work out.  I lost my job over a year and half ago and haven't had but one interview for a new job since then.  But that free time gave me a chance to work with the courageous people of Telling Our Stories and make a video that I never would've made.  I'm very proud to be part of this ongoing journey led by the Very Reverend Ed Hansen and hope that once I get past this surgery and one more (not as bad) can again help share our collective stories to all.

I am very grateful that Joy has a good job that she likes and works with people she really can appreciate.  It now provides Health Insurance for (right now) all four of us.  It has become literally a life saver.  We're paying for it but the alternative would be unsustainable for us right now so again I count my blessings.

We had to give our cars up this summer and it really sucked.  For a while, Congress couldn't decide whether or not to fund unemployment and when they did it was too late.  Joy and I have got use to using the city's Metro system.  It's not ideal but then again we are not contributing as much for our nation's insatiable appetite for oil and we found a really good book series (Decker/Lazarus Crime Novels) that help us escape during our bus rides to work or to Doctors and tests.  I wasn't always getting the best news from doctors for the last few months and reading is a reparative diversion for the soul.  Again no matter how I look at it I'm blessed.

Right now the news from Doctors is very promising. This surgery should do the trick and just like everything else it will be far behind me soon.  As you get older time seems to go faster because no matter how you count it there's probably less of it in front of you than there once was.  So I expect time to keep on fleeing and that's fine.  It really is a quantum blessing and I have no idea what that means.

I've been cleared this week for surgery and I've been told recuperation might take a while. With that in mind I wanted to make certain I write this.

Have a great Holiday Season!!!!!

Love and Peace to everyone,

Marie Fairman


Tom Griffith said...

Thanks, Marie, for your thoughtful note. I hope your surgery goes well, so that soon you'll be able to join with the Psalmist in praying, "May all good things come to pass!" 8-)

Tom Griffith

VanessaMRR said...

Good luck with your surgery. I'm glad I got to know you a little this year. Take care of yourself and best wishes to your family.

Anonymous said...

I will keep you in my prayers, my thoughts and my heart during this time. Although I do not know Joy I will also keep her close. Keep your good spirits and wonderful kindness, good heart and wonderful humor. You will need them. I hope so much you are able to enjoy this wonderful time of year. Remember all the good songs we used to share and hum them or just listen in your head.
God Bless. You are blessed. Nothing beats a true heart to share. Sarah Curry

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping us to remember that this is the precious present! You are very loved and appreciated. - D