Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miss California 2009

On this last Sunday evening, April 19th, Miss California, perhaps on the brink of winning the Miss USA pageant, answered a ridiculously loaded question with honesty and integrity. I have been for decades and will always be for gay marriage. But I will not condemn Carrie Prejean for speaking from her heart. I do take exception with Perez Hilton trying his best to "get her" and inflate his delusional impact on the world. She believes that this is how she is suppose to interpret the Bible. That doesn't upset me. A whole lot of people do. I'm no longer afraid of those who hold on to the fantasy that they have the final word in the Bible. I would invite them and you to especially read the work of Bishop John Shelby Spong who dissects their arguments using the very same Bible. I believe that Ms. Prejean's dreams were dashed at the height of her hopes, because of a self loathing gay man who set back the very movement that he supports. With that question, he reminded many people of a stereotype that dehumanizes gay men in America. They are all a bunch of snarky little bitches who don't deserve human rights because you see they aren't human. They're sinners and they're obviously having better sex than we are!!! Ellen Degeneres has done more to promote gay marriage than anyone in American history in my opinion. She is strong yet loving and stands on her moral convictions. She shows that marriage is not a political argument. It is a moral argument and if you're on the side of gay marriage you stand on the rock. Because ultimately marriage is about love. Love that endures despite itself. When its not there the marriage is in trouble. When it is there a marriage can go through any obstacle and stay in tact. Trust me. I know what I'm talking about here.

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