Monday, September 27, 2010


Lindsay Lohan, 24, is all over the news because she's a celebrity drug addict.  Nothing will be mentioned by any program about Justin Allen, 23, Brett Linley, 29, Matthew Weikert, 29, Justus Bartett, 27, Dave Santos, 21, Chase Stanley, 21, Jesse Reed, 26, Matthew Johnson, 21, Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23, Christopher Goeke, 23 and Sheldon Tate, 27 who were all Marines that gave their lives this week with NO MEDIA MENTION
My second cousin Derek Grubbs posted this on Facebook and asked all his FB friends to re-post.  I did and I would ask you to do the same on your social network.  I'm asking everyone on my blog list to say each one of these fallen hero's name out loud and give them a silent moment of thanks.  Without their sacrifice, we wouldn't even know about poor Lindsay's troubles.


Harold K. said...

Well said! Even though it seems at times to be a futile effort to try to get some sanity in this world, thank you for your efforts!


John said...

Excellent and on the money.